Saturday, September 29, 2007

What goes for bub also goes for mum...

What applies to nappies also applies to women's personal hygiene items. Not only is it much cheaper and better for the environment to use washable cotton or hemp menstruation pads, it is also healthier (no toxic chemicals, no synthetic fibres) and far more hygienic (no more smelly bathroom bins filled with soiled rubbish). Menstruation pads are easy to make yourself (there are a range of online patterns available to get you going), or they can be bought from a number of online suppliers.

Menstrual cups made from natural rubber or silicon are a safe, long-lasting and hygienic alternative to tampons approved by health authorities in the US and in Australia. For more information, including links to suppliers see the article on "green menstruation" published by "Aussies living simply"


  1. i didnt think menstrual cups were approved in Australia yet? i have mine waiting & ready, haven't been able to use it because AF hasn't returned yet (after my bub was born) but im looking forward to using a more environmentally friendly & me friendly product :)

  2. Hi Mel

    thanks for your comments!
    To your question: According to the website of the Natural Company ( the rubber menstrual cup ("The Keeper") is listed with Therapeutic Goods Administration (AUST L 68249), as well as with the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, the FDA in the USA and in other countries.