Sunday, December 16, 2007

Amory Lovins' plan to wean the US off oil

Thanks to the Australian news site kwoff I came across this interesting video of a talk by American energy guru Amory Lovins from the Rocky Mountain Institute. Lovins' book "Winning the Oil Endgame" can be downloaded for free from his website.

Lovins clearly has some great ideas. The video was actually filmed almost three years ago (February 2005) but only posted online a couple of days ago. I hope very much that in the wake of the Bali Climate Change Conference we will see more governments and companies start taking note of the many good ideas and great opportunities that are out there to change the situation around. Conferences without follow-up action will remain nothing more than a great talk fest, and even the best ideas will not achieve anything if we don't actually start DOING something now.

If you have difficulties watching the video embedded in this post, please go directly to the TED website. TED stands for the annual "Technology, Entertainment, Design" conference which was first held in 1984. The TED has many more interesting talks which are available for free downloads under a creative commons license.

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  1. No video that I can see. Is it supposed to be embedded in the post?
    Over from Blogpower looking around.

  2. Hi jmb

    thanks for dropping in. I am puzzled that the video does not show up. It seems to work fine on my computer using Safari. It was supposed to be embedded but I am going to add a link so that people who can't see it can go to the original site.

  3. Hi Chervil,
    It does not show up in Firefox which I use as my browser but I checked in IE and you can see it there. Firefox is used by many people and gaining all the time on IE.

    If you are using Safari I assume you have a Mac but as you know the majority of us are PC users.

    Thanks for adding the link because I will not be using IE.

  4. Same for me- not there in Firefox but it appears with IE. That is odd as Firefox is meant to be more standards compliaant.

  5. Hi jmb and Shades

    I hope I was able to fix the problem with the embedded video now. I have downloaded firefox to test the site and I checked out the blogger help group on google which gave me some ideas on how to tweak the code. Please let me know if it works now!