Sunday, February 24, 2008

American elections - Barack Obama on the environment, climate change and energy use

I was curious to find out what the leading politicians in the race for the White House have to say about climate change, energy use and the environment. Watching the race to the nomination unfold from outside the US, it is not always easy to work out where the candidates actually stand on a variety of issues.

Here is Senator Obama outlining the challenges ahead. Obama provides a refreshing and radically different approach to what we have seen from the White House under George W. Bush. He is also proving increasingly popular with American voters, so it is quite possible he may end up being the next President of the United States.

Of course, saying all those things is easy and doing something about them is not. However, if we could finally get real leadership on these issues from the highest office in the United States, the world would have a chance to tackle some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced.

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