Thursday, April 10, 2008

Al Gore's revised slide show

Al Gore gave a short, updated slide show in Monterey, California, earlier this year, which included new scientific research that shows that the climate is already changing faster than anybody had predicted. The TED Institute published this presentation as a free video on their website in April 2008.

Gore argues that "in order to solve the climate crisis, we have to solve the democracy crisis". The issue is not that we cannot tackle this huge challenge, the issue is that our media still do not give the topic the urgency and importance it needs, and that we lack the political will to make the radical changes that are necessary.

This is a video that is both frightening and uplifting, and it does add to Gore's original slide show featured in the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth".

Gore's intended audience for this new presentation is the United States. However, the core messages in the video apply to everybody.

I recently had a conversation with a well educated friend who remarked that "climate change is the current pet project of the media", assuming that it would go to the back burner some time in the near future. My friend is surely not alone in the assumption that "yes, this is bad, but it will go away".

I think, most of us have absolutely no idea of what is heading our way. We need to understand that climate change is a challenge as big as the two World Wars taken together, and we need to make every possible effort to tackle it. We cannot afford to pretend otherwise any longer.

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