Sunday, June 8, 2008

Catometer improves energy efficiency

Our sitting room has a large glass front facing North (note to my Northern hemisphere readers: this is the sunny side!), and I use this glass front to warm the house during daytime in winter. The trick is to know when to open the curtains. Open them too early, and the single pane windows will lose all the warm air. Leave it too late, and I have missed some of the beneficial warmth of the sun.

That is where my energy efficient, friendly and totally natural cat-o-meter (seen in action on the left above; and on the right after he has done his job) comes in. My cat seeks out the warmth and will crawl behind the curtains when the temperature is just right. I then know it is time to let the light in and open the curtains. On cloudy days, the cat simply stays on the sofa.


  1. How fabulous, when do you think us Aussies will embrace double glazzing? Having said that, we don't have it on these windows either! Jxx

  2. So cats are good for something beside catching mice, are they? Or does he catch mice too. He looks very content there so I'm glad it's a sunny day for you all.

  3. I am afraid his mouse catching days are long in the past. But he still enjoys the children and they love him to bits!

  4. Quite right. They're so clever.

    On a similar topic, did you see the smart, eco-friendly waste collection system introduced by Welshcakes' mayor?