Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Winter vegetables

This is the first year that I have a really "serious" winter vegetable garden which will eventually supply most of what we need. I was surprised at the amount of things I can grow here over the frosty winter months. We are currently harvesting kale, silver beet and the more colourful rainbow chard (picture above), lettuce, broccoli, snow peas, mibuna, chinese cabbage, pak choi, carrots, various herbs and sellery. I have also planted cauliflower, red and white cabbages (the latter for making Sauerkraut!), more broccoli, more peas, broad beans and kohlrabi.
I tried to follow some permaculture principles here - mixing up plantings (at least to a degree) and a "keyhole" access path in the middle, and lots and lots of compost and mulch in the bed. I have also included a watering "system" with a seeping hose running a few centimeters under the soil. I only water when the soil is dry below approximately five centimeters down. So far this is working well.

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