Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A new beginning

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. Indeed, it has been close to four years. I stopped writing when I realised that between having a toddler and homeschooling two young boys, as well as growing a lot of our own food, baking all our bread, cooking from scratch every day and writing a blog, something had to give, at least for a while. In other words - I could either live the sustainable lifestyle or write about it, but not both!

So what has changed? To start with, my youngest has outgrown his toddler years and is now in his second year of homeschooling. The boys are becoming more independent and are able to help around the house. I feel that I have finally emerged from the phase of intensive early parenting and can now again focus on something beyond the immediate needs of our family.

I also felt increasingly frustrated by the noise generated by climate change deniers and anti-environmental campaigners. As many others at the time, I realised that this was an orchestrated campaign, and that there is not much point in trying to argue with people who are either ideologically opposed to science or the environmental movement or who simply have a vested interest in preserving their status quo.

Of course, given the scientific consensus that climate change is real, it doesn't actually matter what some people believe or say and how loud they are, in the end the effects will start to bite for all of us, and we better do something about it while we still have a chance.