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Climate Action Now!

I am proud of the children that joined the school climate strike in their thousands, including in Canberra. It is absolutely shameful that we have politicians who arrogantly tell these kids to go back to the classroom instead of being out on the street. These kids have demonstrated that they have learnt their science and understand what is at stake.  In 2013, we crossed the dangerous threshold of 400ppm CO2 in the atmosphere (see my blogpost here ). In 2017, we were up to 405ppm (Source: ). On 19th March this year we went well over 414 ppm . This is clearly unsustainable.  School Climate Strike in Canberra 2019 When I look back over recent years and decades since we first learnt about the devastating impact of climate change, I am frustrated by the lack of action from our political leaders. We need to listen to our children and act now.  

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